How to nail your secret sauce 🍕

Hey Reader,

Imagine you’re out for pizza. You see the glistening cheese, the vibrant tomato sauce, and the perfectly crisp crusts come out of a wood fire oven.

You take a bite and the flavors seem to dance on your tastebuds.

Not bad, right?

Now imagine you also know each of those ingredients comes from an organic farm that uses sustainable, humane farming. Or that the kitchen employs people from disadvantaged communities. Or that they’re all paid a certified living wage.

How would that affect your perception of the restaurant?

You see, the output is important. So, so important. But all the goodness that goes into delivering your thing, the decisions you make and the people you involve…that’s just as important too.

It can mean the difference between being “just another solid pizza place” and a brand that’s unforgettable.

That’s why it’s so essential to talk about your values and initiatives in your marketing. It’s not just for Fortune 500 companies. It’s for startup brands, solopreneurs, and local businesses.

It’s for me and it’s for you.

As long as it’s genuine and consistent, your customers will notice. And they’ll appreciate it.

Stay hungry, 🍕


PS: Still wondering if your practices and initiatives are worth talking about in your marketing? Hit reply and I’ll give you my thoughts on your secret sauce. Or I can just tell you my favorite pizza shop in town.

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