Hi! I'm Rachel, the Left Brain of Drio.

This was LONG overdue

Published about 2 months ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

I cleaned out my pantry for the first time in 14 years.

(Pause for applause.) 👏

Maybe the chirping birds and sprouting buds put me in spring-cleaning mode. But I just hit a wall and couldn’t deal with the lack of organization any longer.

Years of old cans and bags of snacks had piled up, and it was practically impossible to tell what was on each shelf. That meant we often restocked food items that were already in the pantry—which is the worst.

So I decided it was high time for a refresh.

  • I pulled everything out down to the last bouillon cube
  • I consolidated spices, got rid of empty bags, and organized the cans
  • I downsized by putting unused appliances on Buy Nothing
  • I grabbed some old baskets to organize the remaining food into dedicated spots

It. Felt. Amazing. My process-loving left brain was so satisfied.

But not only that.

Now, my family doesn’t have to request a rescue mission each time they need an ingredient or snack. We all know exactly where to find everything.

I even heard my middle son remind my husband there’s a special place for chocolate and desserts. Gotta love an organized sweet tooth, right?

You see, organizing your pantry is a lot like organizing your website.

When you cut the clutter from your website and get intentional with its organization, you increase efficiency—and relief—for your users.

They can easily find the information they’re looking for without emailing you to find it for them. It also means they’re much more likely to take the action you want them to, like booking a call, downloading a resource, or filling out your inquiry form.

So for some virtual spring cleaning, consider:

  • How many options do you really need in your navigation menu?
  • What pages should you keep and what ones could you eliminate or combine with others?
  • What information needs to go on each page? What should you remove so you don’t distract users?
  • Does your design keep your written content neat and tidy like my old baskets did for my pantry?

A little spring refresh can go a long way. Don’t you think?

To spread the motivation, hit reply and share your pantry inspo. Or, if you’ve got website organization questions, I’d love to help!

🌷 To fresh starts,


The Left Brain

Hi! I'm Rachel, the Left Brain of Drio.

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