Hi! I'm Rachel, the Left Brain of Drio.

What if I’m not perfect?

Published 17 days ago • 1 min read

Hi Reader,

Nothing makes me want to run off my frustrations more than feeling like I fell short.

The other week, Hazel and I were talking about a project that had hit some unexpected bumps in the road.

It was a tricky chat because I couldn’t stop wondering if I’d done something wrong. Had my Left-Brain, perfectionist ways failed me? There was this pit in my stomach that made it hard to think clearly about next steps.

Hazel told me to sleep on it (she’s a wise one).

And then I got the Dove chocolate. On the inside of its wrapper, it said this:

“Don’t stop until you’re proud” - Lauren N., Colorado

You could read that “sign” any way you want to. But, for me, I was reminded of my ultimate goal as a business owner: I want to be proud of how I move through the world.

  • I want to be proud of every website project I work on
  • I want every client to feel proud of their website
  • I want them to feel proud they’ve worked with us, specifically

➡️ I also want to be proud of the way I navigate bumps in the road.

I want to come out shining regardless of the situations where I don’t feel like my performance was perfect on the first try.

Just like I would if I were running a long race! Even if I don’t get my fastest time or I trip in front of the crowd, I should still feel like a million bucks when I finish.

Because if you could guarantee that you’d feel 100% of everything from the get-go… that wouldn’t be real life.

We’re all humans aiming to do our best. We’re just trying to show up and be good people.

Recognizing our imperfection—and being proud despite it—relieves so much pressure. It gives us space for learning, reflection, and self-compassion.

Not only that, but it shows others they can embrace imperfection too. It shows one another that we can do great work without holding ourselves to non-human standards.

Now that deserves an extra piece of chocolate.


The Left Brain

PS: Here are some things I’m proud of. Hit reply and let me know what you’re proud of?

  • The fact that we’re invested in our client’s website strategy, not just putting paint on the walls (i.e. making their website look nice)
  • The level of personal service we provide
  • Knowing that the majority of our work comes from happy referrals
  • Being known as connectors who can provide business and service provider recommendations

PPS: Looking for a particular type of service provider? We might know someone in our “Drio Directory.” Let me know!

Hi! I'm Rachel, the Left Brain of Drio.

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